Keshav Prasad enters active politics on the order of honourable Ashok Singhal

Keshav Prasad Enters Active Politics

Keshav ji's personality has always been dutiful and struggling. In the 2000s, Keshav entered active politics after the command of Hon'ble late shri Ashok Singhal ji. In 2002, under the leadership of Hon'ble Shri Rajnath Singh ji when BJP formed a government in Uttar Pradesh and at the center there was the government of Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji. In this period he started serving as a loyal worker of the party.

Slowly the time passed and their image became popular as a Hindu leader and a vivacious speaker and all Hindu society saw him as intense Hindu leader. Seeing his combative personality and impressed by the workers' faith in him, For the first time, Bharatiya Janata Party launched him as a candidate of Legislative Assembly election in the year 2004 for the Allahabad City Western. This is where his political life started. This area was in full possession of goons and mafias, where no public meeting was easy. But Keshav ji worked on creating a strong Hindu Convention in this area on the strength of its influence and efficiency. Once again, in the regional people's work to revive the faith.

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