Developments of Roads: New Initiatives and Challenges

The biggest hurdle in the overall development of Uttar Pradesh is the absence of roads and the means of transport, dc ue to which general publilife remains disrupted, because there is not enough system of parking, encroachments everywhere. Due to the haphazard standing vehicles are the main ones. Roads play an important role in the overall development of the country and pave the way for economic advancement of society. Since the rise of human civilization from ancient times, till today the roads have proved to be helpful in the development of society. Roads were often unpaved at that time, which was not possible during the rainy days. For example, the construction of roads from ancient cities of Harappa and Indus Valley Civilization is revealed. In ancient India, the roads were built to connect the cities during the rule of several kings. Archaeological excavations also provide detailed information about the roads in ancient India. In the medieval India, Sher Shah Suri constructed the Grand Trunk Road in 1540-45 AD so that the movement of commodities among the many cities can be easily reached to the people, improving the quality of life, and more and more business can be encouraged. Agriculture, trade, industry or social interactions, roads pave the way for development of everyone. Emphasizing on this need, Uttar Pradesh's Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya led the Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department took it from his first day on the construction and widening of roads, construction of new flyovers and construction of bridges on rivers, ponds and ponds. All issues have been taken very seriously. The Public Works Department of Uttar Pradesh is engaged in improving the infrastructure of roads to connect all the districts directly with the state capital. Therefore, under the leadership of Keshav ji, the department is committed to improving all the roads. Important work of maintenance of the roads, repairing, widening, repairing and maintenance of National Highways, construction of bridges on big rivers, construction of government buildings and their repairmen etc. in the State of Uttar Pradesh is the priority of the department. There were big challenges in the roads and transportation sector when Keshav ji assumed the department on March 19, 2017. The investment in these sectors was very low, corruption was dominated and the speed of construction of roads was very slow. But now the condition of roads in the state has improved and the results of the twenty months' government initiatives have been started to connect all the villages and cities with the network of main roads. In the eleven months, the state government has freed from pave holes in roads nearly 1,01,000 km roads out of the nearly 1,07,000 km roads in the state. Construction work of 1048 km roads under 110 projects has been completed by the Public Works Department. In which one is a 53 km long road head, which has been built between the tailors-Mankapur-Babhanan routes in the district Gonda. At present, the construction of 86 major bridges is in progress. At present, the construction of 41 rail overhead bridges is in progress. In the month of January, the construction of 09 rail bridges has been completed. 48 of the 316 tehsil headquarter in the state is proposed to be linked to two-lane route in two years. In addition, work has been proposed for 134 out of total 817 Block Headquarters linked to two-lane route in two years. Keshav ji has made two new initiatives to make UP a developed state. In which the first PWD to ensure accountability of 'Third Party Security Audit' started. In which public works department inspects the roads of 5 km and above, the work of state technical institutions located in the state, NIT, and I.I.T. will do it. This initiative will improve the quality of new roads and transparency in road construction works. . It is the first time that the Public Works Department (PWD) has started a scheme to honor the meritorious students. There is campaign has been started to connect the villages of the meritorious students with a paved road. This proposal of sanctioning Rs. 748 lakhs for the construction / repair of houses for the 24 meritorious toppers in the state has been approved for connecting the road. With this plan, the meritorious students will be encouraged to increase more eligibility in the future. Apart from this, a high level portal is being developed for the management, monitoring and monitoring of online maintenance, allocation, payment and budget of works. This will be launched soon. Presently new routes are being constructed by the latest technology. In terms of traffic safety, the black spot on all the roads has been started and the work of releasing black spot within one to two years has been commenced. . To facilitate the general public, the Public Works Department has also started a toll free helpline. Thus, under the efficient leadership of Keshav Ji, the Public Works Department is spending more than repair on construction works of new routes and which reflects the quality of quality.

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