Maha Kumbh 2019: Importance and relevance

Mahakumbh is an epitome of our spiritual culture and nationalism. In the Mahakumbha, the followers of various creeds, religion, and sect take part with full enthusiasm. The followers of Shaiv, Vaishnava, Shakta, Aghor Panthi, Udasi, Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist, etc. bind India in a formula of uniformity. The presence of some pilgrims from abroad is the most beautiful example of Indian culture and tradition. Pilgrims from abroad enjoy Indian culture wholeheartedly without their religious and political differences. So, the Kumbh plays a significant role in maintaining the continuity and freshness of our nation-building and social system. According to mythology, an elixir pot (Amrit Kalash) came out during the churning of the ocean, and a struggle emerged between Devtas and monsters called “Devaasur Sangram,” due to the distribution of elixir. The masses are celebrating Kumba Mela since the few drops of elixir fallen on particular places from Amrit Kalash (elixir pot) during the struggle of Devtas and Monsters. Whatever Muhurat was existed at that time. On the arrival of that Muhurt, who was present at that time, Mahakumbh Parva was organized in Nashik, Ujjain, Prayagraj, and Haridwar in the south in four places. Kumbh festival is closely associated with our social unity. The prime objective of Kumbha Mela is to develop a sense of understanding that our society can realize its geography, socialism, historicality and their coordination along with its culture, and everyone can exchange ideas with each other. With this nobleness, our forefather was successful to harmonise the culture of an entire nation into a formula. By providing basic facilities to Kumbha in their respective tenure, every past and the current government have served the society. Whether, it is from the south, whether north or east, even west. Kumbh 2019 In Praygraj district , the construction all roads, repairing and its widening, as well as the construction of new flyovers, bridges, construction of new flyovers and construction of bridges on rivers, streams, and ponds are being taken very seriously by the government of Uttar Pradesh for organizing Kumbh Mela from the very first day. Whereby, the devotees do not face any difficulties those are coming for Kumbha in any condition. The Prayagraj district is the constituency of Uttar Pradesh's Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya. The prime motive of Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya is to develop Prayagraj as a smart city. In light of this, the government of Uttar Pradesh has allocated 2500 crore rupees which is more than double of the 2013 allocation of funds in January 2019. Keshav Prasad Maurya Ji also considers that "Kumbha plays a significant role in encouraging social harmony in Indian society that is hardly found anywhere in the entire world." The Kumbh is the foundation of the Indian society, on the one hand, where the followers of all faiths, creed, and community assemble to prevent their customs and advancement of society without any discrimination and differences and think about all the issues, on the other hand. The devotees and followers visit Kumbha for pilgrimage and Sangam bath to rise above all the differences between castes and languages. Neither, they neither open their castes nor express to each other. This unique example has been running for millions of years by thoughts of society. The Himalayan plains along the riverfront of Ganga at Haridwar, Junction (Sangam) of Ganga-Yamuna and Saraswati at Pryagraj, Shipra River at Ujjain and riverfront of Godavari at Nashik are the places where the Kumbha is celebrated. There is some evidence that Mecca is one the places along with India where Kumbha is being celebrated on the 12 places by the assimilation of 27 stars, six seasons, 12 zodiacs. In ancient times, the festival of Kumbh is also regarded as a great festival of donation. The Chakravartin emperor Harshvardhan is one of the best examples, who has glorified this sacred rituals. He used to return after donating everything. On December 7, 2017, the Kumbh Mela has also been included in the representative list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, is also the testimony of the importance of the Kumbh Mela. The Kumbh Mela is one of the most significant events on earth, which is a crucial factor for incorporating Kumbh into the intangible cultural heritage list by UNESCO, where devotees and followers peacefully followed all rituals. The Kumbh Mela is considered as an epitome of Indian cultural diversity, where the people exchange their knowledge and skill through manuscripts and writings. The more than 200 projects have been approved by the Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya for the successful organising of January 2019 Mahakumbh. The state government has already sanctioned Rs 1,648 crore for 16 government departments for 16 projects. The project is running in four phases. "The fund of 298 crore rupees have also been released. The 2019 Mahakumbh will be the completely different in experience for the devotees, and they felt like an" advanced pilgrim experience” this time, not little a dip in Sangam .this time the Shuttle buses will be used to carry the devotees for the shorter distance so that that the devotees walk a minimum distance. For the Prayagraj Kumbha, the Uttar Pradesh government has released a new tagline of Kumbh: UP Nahi Dekha to India Nahi Dekha "It does not see UP, then India has not seen." This is the first time when a logo for Kumbh mela has been released. The government of Uttar Pradesh has given the particular focus in the state budget 2018-19 for the Kumbhmela-2019. For the successful organizing of Mahakumbh, the state government has taken two key decisions: first, to develop the tourist destination in the radius of 50 km in Prayagraj by the Rs 1000 lakhs. Second, Rs 500 lakh will be spent on the demonstration and conservation of art and culture in Allahabad. The Kumbh will be helpful in the creation of a new job by the arrival of the native and foreign tourist. The government will use this fund in the solidification and building of Chaufatka Bridge, drainage system, and construction of the fully electrified road. So that, devotees will not face any inconvenience in the Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj next year,

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